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Pony Parade 2021: Firefly (RAMC G1) by keirajo

Pony Parade 2021: Firefly (RAMC G1)


I have to catch up from I was off to go to PT and then offline the remainder of the weekend. XD

"Don't do it, Firefly--it's too dangerous!!!"

"Danger is my life, Medley!"

Firefly, the MLP star of "Rescue At Midnight Castle", voiced by Sandy Duncan (singing voice and regular voice)--her personality is most definitely what G4 gave to Rainbow Dash. Stubborn and daring, she also had a "signature move" that she did in this original television special, the "Double Inside-Out Loop". When Tirac kidnaps the little ponies--she's the only one bold enough to cross the rainbow, looking for help (in the human world).

She is also my favorite 'Pony and the very first MLP toy I ever owned--she's rather beat up and her colors are severely worn (you can see when, as a kid, I tried to use nail polish to re-color her lower legs--where the plastic had whitened and weakened!), but still my fave MLP character ever. :)

MLP and character belongs to Hasbro.

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    And actually yea the Main 6 of Friendship is Magic were all actually based off of ponies from the original series. The Artist was a fan of g1 and sourced a lot of their aspects from originals, but I guess they couldn't reuse the originals because somehow Hasbro let the rights lapse or something?
    Idk the whole story but I softened a bit towards the FiM fandom and show itself once I read how they cane about

    Also on of their main "villians" Discord was literally written based off of Q from Star Trek and they invited Qs voice actor to read for him never expecting him to actually show up, just sorta as an honorary thing
    Annnnd that is how Qs voice actor became involved in the brony fandom xD

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      Hasbro is the absolute worst on keeping name/design rights. I could tell you many stories of Transformers over that very same issue. AHEM……Hot Rod. They even never cared about honestly reusing the name until Michael Bay bought it back for them to use in the 6th movie (worst Hot Rod reiteration ever). When it comes to shelling out money for things, they would rather not do it, sadly. :/

      Still, Firefly will always be my favorite G1 ‘Pony ever—even if my original toy has suffered the age of time. I still love the original television special best of all MLP anything—you can clearly see the D&D influence in the designs.

      Discord is definitely MLP’s version of Q—and it is totally sold on the fact that John deLancie came in and did the voice for him! It certainly wouldn’t be the same character if they didn’t! XD

      Fun Hasbro name fact. They decided not to pay for the rights back for the Aerialbot “Fireflight” in today’s world and now the mech’s name is “Firefly”. XD