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1 January 2019 at 09:18:05 MST

Sooooooooooooooooo.............yesterday I tackled 2 simpler pieces from my "digital to-color" folder and one REALLY BIG one. I also reorganized my folders in my to-color folders..............I just had a general unfinished one and a finished one, but I made two sub-folders so I can tackle those when I'm done with the remainder of the others. One is a mature/adult folder--stuff I won't post here.............the other is stuff for pen-pals (offline friends--I had a surprising amount!). This way I can focus on getting the stuff I will post first done from my general folder. :)

So this is the big one from yesterday's working on coloring--I was watching some movies, "Along With the Gods 2" and the DCU animated film "Constantine: City of Demons" while doing it. It's not the background that made it one of my more difficult pieces from the folder, because I happen to like doing space backgrounds and think I'm fairly decent at it--it was the light effect. I had this all drawn out on the page and the nice thing about taking my lineart into digital is--I can erase lineart to create a "lineless" effect, which is something my skill set won't let me do on paper. I think I redid the shape of the light effect and figuring out how I wanted it to look with colors like three times. The other cool thing is, hiding layers on a digital format--so, by doing the light effect first and then hiding that layer it was allowed me to focus completely on simply coloring Keira-Jo herself, which was far easier! :D

Overall, this was a far easier piece for me to do with digital colors than traditional colors. :)

Keira-Jo is my own OC, Sega Echidna design belongs to Sega.
Star Sapphire/Violet Corps. belongs to DC Comics.

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    I like the colors :D

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      Yay! Thanks so much! :D

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    Cool! Those techniques really did the trick for this piece.

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    oooooo, effects :o

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      They were fun. :)