gijinka galvatron and hot rod/rodimus prime by keirajo

gijinka galvatron and hot rod/rodimus prime


9 December 2018 at 16:39:01 MST

I've been working on these for quite some I'm unhappy with my robot skills. So, I wanted a way to draw these guys that I can draw. So, I've been working hard to come up with unique looks (not based on anything I've seen online or IDW's avatar system stuff).

Hot Rod was kind of easy to come up with--I always imagined some kind of SquareEnix reject-style character with spiky hair. (Yeah, I know...........Squall and I love him to death.........! XD). Galvatron though--I always pictured some kind of casual-with-armour-bits. His hair, I wavered between short and long.............but I'd always wanted the age-lines in the face. Because, older guys are hot. XD

The cape just came to me one day. XD

Ballpoint pen and markers. Sketchy design work. All my own......but Transformers and characters belong to Hasbro. :)

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    It's neat to see these characters humanized.

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      Awwww......thanks so much! :D

      My lack of hanging on the Internet means.........I didn’t realize “ginjinka-fying” could apply to giant robots too. I always see it with animals and Pokémon. But there’s apparently a lot of people who’ve done this for Transformers.......I even bought a booklet of someone’s gijinka sketches at TFCon! XD