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celestial host


2 June 2016 at 10:19:34 MDT

The Male Angel job class in "Disgaea 5"...this was the first character hire where I did my own custom coloring job, using the "Choose Even More Colors" option in the Dark Assembly.

Through the randomizer and settling on the first name that struck my interest--he got the name of "Adam"! XD His actual starting status screen description has the following contents:

Adam-Angel Knight
An Angel who specializes in combat and gives divine protection to his allies. Won't believe anything until they see it.

AND GOSH, HE TURNED OUT TO BE A SUPER-PERV. XD No kidding..............he talks about showing you a really good time and other pervy things like that. lol By now he's achieved a rank of "Angel Lord" instead. And he's proven amazingly useful on any general team--with fabulous attack strength, as well as some nice healing spells. I've equipped him with Spears, since I have very few characters I've equipped with Spears. In a way, I kind of equate him to Jaid from "Grandia Xtreme" (my favorite character)...who could attack, as well as spellcast--and not be poor stats in either category. Adam's "Holy Saber" attack is pretty lethal against any Monster-type enemies.

Disgaea characters all belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    Awesome! Your shading is great.

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      Awwwww...thanks so much! I'm trying to do a subtle shading thing, like I do with my markers and colored pencils! I want my digital coloring to be like my traditional! :D

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    So sparkly @_@

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      He's an Angel...of course he's sparkly! XD