inktober day #12 by keirajo

inktober day #12


13 October 2015 at 17:07:03 MDT

Feral Wabi. :)

Wabi/Despair Dog species belongs to me.

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    The border around this is a bit smoother than other ones, must be tricky to keep the ink level constant huh?

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      Yeah...I think my large brush pen probably needs to be replaced. It's also tricky when scanning on this cheapy-printer. Sometimes it looks good on my editing screen because the image is smaller--then I see it uploaded here and cringe at streaks and pixelation! XD

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        You could tidy it up digitally perhaps?

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          I'm not sure...I don't have a good photo editing program. Usually in the scanner screen I can hit "enhance" or even toggle the light-dark...the program that came with the cheap scanner (which I can use with my laptop) isn't all that good. This is probably why I usually prefer using my old scanner most of the time, it has more editing tools in its program--the only difference is, my old computer is not compatible with a rewritable device (flashdrive/jump-drive) and to transfer things, I have to create individual discs and close them out. So with my old scanner, I try to have 20-30 things to scan all at one time to make creating a disc worthwhile. :)

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            I mean manually paint around it using the manga programme, like a touch up. :)

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              I'd probably be awful at that! XD Since pen and me barely like each other in a digital program! laughs

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    The little tongue makes it super cute!

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      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D