[pers] - Zhavia Reference Sheet v2 by Kazaviir

[pers] - Zhavia Reference Sheet v2


13 February 2019 at 07:09:56 MST

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So it was about time I made an upgraded reference sheet of my character Zhavia since her first reference sheet was getting quite outdated.

Her design is overall the same as usual, except that her hair/mane is mainly more relaxed, but can still perk up into a mohawk.

Due to the upload restrictions on FA you can find the fullsize of this artwork here


Zhavia is a female Kyuunrai. She carries the gene 'Xio-03', which is known to cause a very strong longevity. Creatures with this gene has been reported to be over 3000 years of age.

Due to her alien aesthetics, she has a reduced amount of fingers (4 total), but instead has longer claws which are around 6 cm in length.
Her claws can extend in length from 6 cm, to 15 cm. The remaining 9 cm of her claws remains inside of her fingers in a softer stage. Her claws hardens when exposed to air and softens back when retracted.

She has cloven hooves with a double-joined dew toe with a longer claw on each foot.
Her eyes are green-teal in color with a slit pupil. In the dark, her eyes light up to a bright beautiful light green color.
She has a long, flexible snake-like tongue & a wolf-like jawset.
Her mane has the same thickness as the mane of a Zebra/aardwolf, making it possible to stand up into a mohawk-looking hairstyle.

She's mated to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mrmothman

More artwork of Zhavia can be found here

Zhavia & the Kyuunrai species belongs to me (Kazaviir).
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Do not use/claim this character as your own or use for RP.

Edit: Updated the palette & the borders.

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