[pers] - Kahrybdys reference by Kazaviir

[pers] - Kahrybdys reference


13 February 2019 at 07:11:26 MST

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The full reference sheet of Kahrybdys, is finally here! :)

This character design is made after a suit purchase I did from Clockwork Creature last year, which was of a mask and matching gloves.
I was then given permission the complete the character design (body, feet, tail), so this is the result, and I'm quite happy with the outcome!

I kept the character mostly black for the spook-factor but also added a bit of grey and a few off-white markings.
The orange hair goes again in a few places which, to me, also made him look more autumn/Halloween-ish.

He has corrupted bone sticking out from his hands, feet and back.

It does not have a specific gender/sex as the character looks pretty androgynous, but I tend to use the pronoun "him" when I speak of the character.

Kahrybdys belongs to me (Kazaviir).
Original head & hands made after a mask & gloves by Clockwork Creature.
Duplicates/close copies will not be made of this character.
Do not use/claim this character as your own or use for RP.

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