Jolson & Jones #65 - A Kingdom For A Bench Or Two by Kaoru

Jolson & Jones #65 - A Kingdom For A Bench Or Two


25 April 2016 at 09:29:32 MDT

Alright then, new storyline! And one that it a little more fantasy-based than the pseudo-political commentary on pseudo-political themes. Or is it? ;) Either way, you can pretty much guess in which direction this one is going... I guess!

I originally had it slated for much earlier and thought I'd get to it by page 38 at the latest... but eh, then all the other ideas happended and this thing got pushed back further and further.

Maybe some of you remember seeing the "Obeylisk" earlier, on page 12 to be exact. At first I wanted to retain the signs that were put around it... but on second thoughts they were a little too much. So here, have a retcon.

As it's probably easy to spot, I did the page (mostly) with ink and paper again and I will veryvery likely continue do to so up to whenever. It just adds so much more depth and doesn't make the pages look as "harsh" or even empty as the ones that I fully did in Manga Studio.

Words words words, more words. So what do YOU say?

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