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FSS Fleetfoot-Class Barracuda - Deckplan by Kantorock

FSS Fleetfoot-Class Barracuda - Deckplan


5 April 2014 at 14:03:37 MDT

I did this several years back. It is the deck plan for the FSS Barracuda, a starship I created as part of an writing research in the Chakat Universe. As you can see, it is rather detailed for someone that has never drawn anything outside of a stick figure. It took some time for me to map everything out. Looking back, it must have taken at least a week of fiddling to make it plausible.

The only problem I have with this deckplan is my use of fresh water and food storage. Knowing what I now know about replicator technologies in the Chakat Universe, I would do away with most of it in exchange for storage.