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Kattadie Frostfell by Kalid909

Kattadie Frostfell


9 June 2015 at 23:42:42 MDT

Because when you're a snow leopard, shorts and a tank are appropriate, even in winter! XD shot

I actually have had this on my hardrive for months, but never bothered to upload it because it was just a personal sketch I doodled to show a friend. But I finally decided to, since I feel it's an excellent representation of my character. Kattadie hasn't had a decent picture where she looked how she's supposed to, and this is the first. 0.0

This is a character whom I've had for years. XD (not to be confused with a sona. Quite different, my OCs have absolutely nothing to do with myself) She's a sweet girl of 4'10" who's seen far more of the bad side of the world than should be allowed. Despite that, she's got a steely resolve and is almost impossible to break. Though she has a very limited skill pallet, she's quite resourceful, and finds methods to survive.

Kattadie is one of my only anthros not in need of updating and adjustments, as she's been regularly used in RPs. Especially with kaldravv , as she's pretty much his most favorite OC out of all my characters. XD (I have over 50. So that's saying something.)

Enjoy my unnatural-colored kitty! 8D

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