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MY BOOKS!!! -CeruleanRuby by Kalid909

MY BOOKS!!! -CeruleanRuby


9 June 2015 at 23:41:02 MDT

Chibi sketch commission for the fantastic ceruleanruby ! I couldn't remember if she paid for flat colors or not, so I went with the latter. XD She's fabulous, always trying to look after me despite her own troubles, she deserves nice things. :D

This is her mischievous Yuki and seasaidh 's Bookworm Jasper. XD I think this may have turned out different than it was supposed to... Sorry Cer! XD; Ended up more comedy than cute... :P I only just now, while writing this, realized I might have gotten the atmosphere wrong. OTL I hope it's okay! 0.0