Should've followed the Instructions by Kalahan (critique requested)

Should've followed the Instructions (critique requested)


21 June 2014 at 20:35:33 MDT

This is my part of an art trade I did with Lauralien! =3 I asked if we could draw each other's animals, so while I asked her to draw a thonras (epic drawing, btw, go check it!), but she didn't ask. X3 So after a lot of going back and forth between targets, I finally settled on the Weaver! ^w^

Since they're tool-making/using little insects, I decided to draw one trying to put together a BIONICLE set! =3 I figured there would be some of the insects who'd be topnotch, and this one thought it was so awesome, it could put together a little Matoran with ease! But guess what...he smurfed, and now he's checking the instructions! XD

I really love how I did this. I tried to add the most focus and detail to the Weaver himself, leaving not a whole lot to the BIONICLE parts. Especially not the Instructions. ^w^ I especially love how I did his last three arms, one's checking the instructions, one's tapping the branch frustratingly, and the last one is scratching his head all confused. Ha! It's kind of adorable! XD

Hope you like it Laura! =3

Art © Kalahan Kalahan/Me
Weaver © Lauralien Lauralien