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Easter Bunny Visit!!! by Kairoo

Easter Bunny Visit!!!


15 December 2013 at 14:22:26 MST

I had a fun day today with Ares and Berettafusion as we visited the Cape Cod malls Easter bunny x3 this was originally a dare, given to me by Berettafusion last week. I decided to ask a few people if they would join me, and I ended up with the black and red jaguar, Ares XD it was such an interesting day... Until a mall cop threw us out XP still was fun making a bunch of kids day though x3 This is my first upload by phone, and also the first time out in public in just part of my full suit x3

Ares's FA:

Berettafusion's FA:

This is an upload from my FA gallery. Most of the information is copied over.