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FWA Debut by Kadmiel

FWA Debut


It didn't go as he had planned. Soren was pitted againstthe the current intercontinental championship and knew that he wouldn't be
scripted to win this one. Why washe scripted to lose,other new peoplein the past got to win their debut matches? Was it becausehe was up
againsta champion? When hereceived the script shortlybefore his match, helooked it over then ran outto thering,flipping the paper over his
shoulder. When hismusicbegan "Shinedown Sound ofMadness" he ran towards and down the ramp to the ring and slid in under the bottom

Taking a momentto scan thecrowd then his opponent Maxand realize this was for real, he almostmissed the bell ringing. He decided 'to hell
with the script' which would havehim getting beaten badly,and locked up at thecenter ofthe ring with Max. He tried to overpower theblue
haired feline but Max slipped around behind him and locked arms around his waist. He soon felthimself swinging through the air and landed
hard on his shoulders. Buthe wouldn'tlet it get him down so easily.

Scrambling to hisfeet, he closed the gap and surprised Max with a punch to the jaw, but Max wasquickon the rebound and used that arm to
slam Soren to the canvas,jerking his shoulder once. However Soren had gotten lucky and was near enough to theropesto getthe tip of his boot
just on the bottom one and the refereeforced Max to break thehold. As hegotup he held hisarm then rolled the shoulder to feel how bad it was
beforecharging Max again. Max came right back at him and thetwo fiercelyexchanged blows upwards often seconds, drawing blood from each
other's nosesand mouths,beforeMax hooked a leg behind Soren'sand tripped him up.

Caught offguard, Soren waseasily rolled over then feltMax laying down on him. Not long after, white fur blocked his vision and he could feel his
head being pulled backwards, putting pressure on hisspine. Thesudden pain overwhelmed him at first but in themidstofthinking about
tapping, hefound thestrength to push off the mat and break the hold. Now laying on Max, hejabbed an elbow into thechamp's stomach then
got up and grabbed him by his hair beforetaking an arm and whipping him around into a turnbuckle.

As Soren had hoped,he bounced offitand came stumbling backtowards Soren who caught him and suplexed him right into the center of the
ring. He got up and saw Maxjust laying there,so heheaded to the ropes and started to climb up them, having troubleas hiswhole bodywas
hurting, making it difficult to stand and walk. Ashe climbed theropes,hisbriefs caughton something and and ripped, but whatever it was
jabbed him and he flinched, his briefstearing a little moreas he pulled away. When he got to the top ropehe ran through hisoptions as he turned
around onlyto find Max getting on his feet. Quicklyhe jumped, aiming to drop kick the champ but the agile kittydodged,causing Soren to crash
and burn where Maxjusthad been.

Now Max headed to thetop rope as Soren hurried to get backto histop feet. His footing wobbled,causing him to widen his stance and bend
over to stabilize when suddenly he feltMax'selbow crash down on his head and drove him to hisknees. Theyounger canine saw stars and was
pushed over,barelyaware ofMax laying on him with one ofhis legsin the air and even though he knew he must breakout, his bodysimply
would not respond. Thosethree seconds seemed like forever as he was beaten bypin. Max lethim go after the third count and the bell rang then
retrieved his title from the announcer's table beforeheading over to the ring, dragging Soren out and helping him backto his locker room. Barely
awareof hisown surroundings or that he was moving, Soren shuffled along until Maxset him down on a chair in one corner. "That was a good
match,you helped put on a greatshow for thefans outthere tonight while following the script. It's not aboutwinning or losing Soren,it's about
entertaining the fans." Shortly after that, Soren heard the sound of a hurried set offeet, over Max's leaving as he went to get cleaned up, come
into the room and started to fall out of thechair,passed outbut not beforegetting caught by someone in black slacksand a blackbag with a red
cross on it.

Maxand artwork done by

Soren Sylvar belongs to me

Story wasjustthought up and partiallyedited on the fly.
I thinkSoren needs a massage,lots of muscle tension there.

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