Olivia - Defying Gravity by Kadath

Olivia - Defying Gravity


7 July 2015 at 17:21:43 MDT

This image is the result from a poll my patreons decided on, and the image was worked on in a workstream. Olivia is dressed up as Kat from Gravity Rush - one of my favourite games, and with a French theme to boot! The game is a Vita exclusive and was overlooked, but supposedly it's getting a PS4 remaster sometime in the next year, so PS4 users - check it out!

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    Nice outfit.

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    Those shoes, now I know how gives can have heels! Thank you ^.^

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    Lovely, she is definitely looking really beautiful on that outfit. Ive always been a fan of Kat´s outfit specially cause Im a sucker for black n gold combinations (plus Kat is cute!) Lovely coloring and shading work, really like the lighting effect as well. Really amazing work

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      Yeah I adore Kat. She's such an endearing protagonist. I've seen the concept art for her where she had the same outfit, but it was pure white - eck! I much prefer the black and gold as well.

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    Nice! ...Though, those leg-coils seems like they'd be a bit uncomfortable. o_O?

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    do you have a site where can i read the background story of Olivia?