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Gotta Time My Doses Better... by JWB (critique requested)

Gotta Time My Doses Better... (critique requested)


Madison grunted in both exertion and frustration as he tried desperately to yank the swelling arm of his new party friend further past the threshold. Plaster was already beginning to crack and fall, as the doorframe began to warp, and buckle under the plumping pachyderm's flanks. Madison always tried to give his serums plenty of time to manifest and flourish in his subject's system. Unfortunately, he severely miscalculated the freshman's metabolism, and the serum blasted into effect almost immediately.

It was quite a site to behold, watching the blond's nose swell and lengthen becoming prehensile, as his fingers swelled and fused together under the half-eaten cheeseburger. Madison had to work fast, so he quickly offered to give the newcomer a tour around the dorm, as he quickly shuffled the ballooning freshman through the crowd.

It was quite a feat getting him up those stairs, as every stem seemed to add another 20 pounds to his frame, and another 6 inches to his height, as his clothes tightened, becoming comically undersized under his swelling thickening skin. Wood began to crack, and floors began to creak, as the massive pachyderm clumsily ambled up the stairs and down the hall.

The freshman's ears began to fan out as Madison fumbled for his keys, the hallway was already growing a bit too small, as he flew open the door, accidentally smacking the massive freshman against the side, sending his new bulk wobbling and bouncing before settling to it's steady expanse once more.

Frantically, Madison began to corral the growing student through the doorway, every step thundering across the room causing the desk items, and beakers to shake and clang with the sudden tremors. With a bit of wedging he managed to get the now 10 foot tall freshman, most of the way inside. Unfortunately, once the freshman's head began to grace the ceiling, he wouldn't budge. Madison gave a couple of test yanks before peering around the massive creature to find the culprit. Well, his upper body may have been lean enough to squeeze through, but his rear was a different story.

Madison began to mentally kick himself for enhancing that particular area. The fact that he was a butt man, would result in the destruction of his door frame. Already the hinges were beginning to pop off, as the flanks rapidly fought for any available inch of room they could occupy. Cracks began to form, and plaster began to fall, as Madison fruitlessly tried to slid those extra feet inside his dorm one last time. He knew that soon enough, the elephant would pop free from his confines, but it'd be the old fashioned way.

He guessed all he could do was wait, as more plaster fell to the floor, and the walls crumbled beneath the bulk that manifested from a simple cheeseburger. It looks like maintenance would have to come in once again next week, as he watched yet another demolition of college property, all for a night of fun. One thing was for sure, though. There was no way he was getting that deposit back.

This was a bit of an experiment in proportions for me. I really wanted to try emulating   c-trigger 's work with the whole toony squash-stretch sorta style. Some of it was successful, but I definitely have a long way to go^^; Ah well, first elephant achievement unlocked:D


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    First rule of tfing , never tf inside a small space

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    Fattie growth