A Blaze of Pungent Potency 3 by JWB

A Blaze of Pungent Potency 3


21 January 2014 at 03:00:02 MST

As his clothes shredded beneath the aggregation of girth, fur, and muscle, he could do nothing more but reel in the prodigious force of the change, as his weight doubled, tripled, and quadrupled in only a matter of seconds. His old identity systematically becoming buried beneath the overwhelming bulk of his new form. He took one step, then two, his great gut wobbling with every foot fall, when suddenly a new tightness struck the seat of his pants. He thought it was just another few prodigious inches of fat piling onto his flanks, but there was something stronger, more solid to the bulk which pressed against the fabric. He was almost ready to grab the counter for support when all of a sudden, a great swath of mass burst forth from his posterior shredding his shorts to tatters as it swung and swelled behind his back, fanning out into a glorious mass of odors and fur. The scraps of his old clothes began to fall as his new black and white shaded bulk waddled from the last few shreds of his original humanity. The new mentality continued to spread within his mind, calming his once frantic motions, as his new skunky form began to consume him from the inside, letting him become the imposing figure he'd always wished he could've become.

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