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Fighting the Sand Tiger? Not gonna end well... by Justin1029

Fighting the Sand Tiger? Not gonna end well...


It's like these people can't seem to understand that facing off against a giant sand tiger won't end so well, especially if such a group can't even get the treasure inside it! That's essentially what's going on when a group try to find the Cave of Wonders, but instead, they found Sabulo, and this was where they start to regret their decision of fighting to get inside him.

See, Sabulo has a tendency of stomping or eating up lone travellers who aren't pure of heart or so. And he went for the former, rising up from the sand wearing some loose baggy pants and bracelets he may have gotten from his treasure room inside him. When the group saw the looming sand tiger forming, they started to run away. Unfortunately, Sabulo started to walk towards them, and it's not going to end well...

It was easy to catch up to the fleeing group members as each step was a few strides more ahead of what those micros could do. It didn't take long for him to just make his first step, stepping on a couple of them, pressing them deep into the sand before lifting a paw to take another step. Some got stuck to his sole, soon finding themselves being absorbed into the sand tiger's paw like reverse quicksand. Chuckling, Sabulo taunted them, saying, "Try not to get BURIED!" And he's going to have a lot of fun with his new toys...

Well, that's essentially one way of being "buried alive" by a giant sand tiger, lol

Another one to check off the list, and this one was done by efhosci! Another pic of Sabulo once again, and figured I made a little story to go with it!

Art by efhosci efhosci
Sabulo is mine~

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