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[SHOE RIDER] by Justin1029



Two buddies are on a walk together: Vin and Justin. One of them is a giant godly gryphon. The other is a little critter. And both of them are of different sizes.

And it's no surprise that Vin ends up being the one who is stepped on many times. And that's not to forget that Vin has wide hips, which is what happened in this case. Vin got himself stuck in the O of the GODLY that's on the sole of his God friend's sneaker. And those wide hips definitely got him wedged in there good.

Guess he'll have to figure out how he can tell Justin to get him unstuck, but the gryphon knows that. He'll let Vin out. Eventually.

Art and Vin by vinvulpis
Godly gryphon and his shoes are mine~

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