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Huge Thrumbo by Justin1029

Huge Thrumbo


12 July 2021 at 16:33:00 MDT

Nakoa's normally not the kind to be out in the warmer climates, but he's got his home there in the forest, where he can use/bend nature to his own will. And in this case, he's got some trees to snack on, given how he does like to eat them up like an actual Thrumbo would. And it's one of those odd days where he's really just relaxing.

Too bad for those tiny raiders that are still stuck to his big sole. They're not gonna get out of that one anytime soon...

Oh hey, got around to finally get another piece from Randy! This time, Nakoa's featured here, chilling casually in the forest. Not sure what those tiny imprints are there for on his sole....

Art by randytheartdog
Nakoa is mine~

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