Leon's Cave of (slimy) Wonders [COLOUR] by Justin1029

Leon's Cave of (slimy) Wonders [COLOUR]


18 September 2020 at 17:48:20 MDT

You came here in search of treasure. A simple goal, but not unreasonable. The rumors were worth the risk in your eyes.
Now you're trapped within my godly claws. I know what you want, and I know how you'll get it. I open my enormous mouth and saliva drips all around my mouth as it glistens in the light, almost as if it's made of gold.
"What you seek is found in the depths of my belly, little one."
You notice that the back of my throat shimmers and glows a vibrant gold. It's alluring. You could be rich.
"I see you're willing to take the trip. Very well~"
I toss you into my mouth, and you start to drift deeper inside. You're ready to be eaten if it means getting golden relics.
You're finally slipping down my throat. It's slimy and warm, comforting even. The golden color seems to grow more vibrant by the inch. You keep slipping, until...
A giant valve opens and deposits you into a chasmal pit. It smells slightly acidic and metallic, and an innocuous slime coats every surface. The floor feels squishy, but still solid.
All around you are valuables beyond all your expectations. Piles of golden coins, bejeweled statues, and beautiful jewelry. You pull out your bag and start stuffing it with anything you can manage. You stop once you struggle to carry the sack. You'll be rich! You just need to...
"Finally end up in my stomach, little snack? I'm sure there's more treasures than you could ever need in there. I don't suppose you managed to think up some way to get out, did you? Hehehe..."
Brought back to reality, you take the time to examine your surroundings a bit more closely. Skeletons, stripped of their flesh and skin, litter the piles of gold. Small piles of relics sit near them. Small enough for a person to carry...
You feel a slight tingle. First on your feet, then the rest of your body. It's the slime. Why would you have assumed my stomach wouldn't attempt to digest whatever falls inside it? It's digesting you.
The sounds of my digestive tract are deafening, as if a tropical storm is spreading through my guts.
You look for an exit, but the only hole you can see in the whole area is the one you came through...
It's really high up, and the acidic digestive fluids make it completely impossible to climb to.
"Maybe I'll let you out if you sit tight~"
You don't have much to do.
Must have been close to a day you've been waiting? Your watch says as much, anyway. You think about whether you should tell me when you can come out, but it'd probably just make me mad.
The acid is starting to hurt. You can't bear to look at the skeletons spread about the churning stomach. You don't want to think about what'll happen to you if you don't get out of my stomach.
Your hearing is starting to fade. It's just... so loud.
You'll get out of this alive, right?
It doesn't hurt anymore. My digestive juices have rendered your limbs numb, and hard to move. Your ears are ringing at this point, and I've long since forgotten about you. I simply go about my day. Your suffering doesn't occupy any space in my mind. I'm not letting you out, ever. You don't know that, though.
You hold out hope that you can leave my stomach undigested.
You clutch your bag, jingling with valuables. You can't carry it anymore. My digestion's melted most of your arms and legs. If there's any time to be let out, it'll be now. You have to hold out hope.
I unleash an great belch, sealing your fate. Lucky for you, I deem your heart true. You get to live in the warm and cozy depths of my belly in the afterlife, watching other being judged. If your heart were a smidge less true, you'd be condemned to an eternity of agonizing digestion. A hell of unimaginable suffering in my stomach until the end of my life. Did I mention I'm immortal~?

I'm getting hungry again.

This was a great commission by rasmussen891 of Leon, and I can say that this indeed went pretty well! A big thanks to thezdude for help with the short story to go with this commission! Also, I coloured this in just so you could see the fun happen even more~

Art by rasmussen891
Short story provided thanks to thezdude
Leon is of me~
Coloured by me
Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38244932/