Lubo Chapter 20 Page 32 by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 20 Page 32


18 January 2020 at 10:44:45 MST

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I finally get to show off Olaf's power! He hasn't had the chance to show up in an on-screen fight until now. I debated a bit about how the invisibility would look for this power in particular, but I think I like how this turned out. Hopefully it's clear by this page, but Olaf's power can also let him hide a specific item on his person. Olaf was still concealing the sword in panel 3, which is why his speech bubble text was still blue.

Lubo had left his katana at home for the fishing trip and he had not had the chance to go back home and grab it. I did not want to leave out his weapon for the volume finale fight, so I made sure to have Olaf know of the situation back at the house so he can show up.

Batuu: Ah! It's that old man again! >:3

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