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Lubo Chapter 18 Page 28 (Last) by JomoOval

Lubo Chapter 18 Page 28 (Last)


1 July 2019 at 09:40:33 MDT

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And thus concludes this chapter, and with one less page than I had originally planned. Which is good in my book. I really don't want to go over 30 pages unless it's a volume finale.

Much like when Lubo became unwillingly involved in Dracmore's business, Lopu is explaining things for Mako. The story Lopu is about to tell can be read in chapter 4. I'm not going to repeat it at this point in the story. We've done some exposition repeating enough in this chapter as it is! Plus that flashback was 6 pages.

This was unintentional, but I have a representation of Maya next to Mako, which contrasts the ending to the previous chapter, Orhan. I'm hoping I'll be able to talk about Maya's opinion of Mako instead of just having Lopu repeat that she thought highly of Mako.

Batuu: Hmph. Looks like Mako's not ready to say anything yet. Better hope it's not too late =w=

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