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Ferdinand - movie review

on 27 December 2017 at 19:51:47 MST

I didn't read the story when I was a child, but I did loved the Disney short when they use to air old shorts on the Disney Channel. So, when I saw the trailers for the newest animated movie from Blue Sky Studios called Ferdinand, I wasn't so sure about it. How they would make a short kids story about a gentle bull into a full length feature? But, hopefully the movie won't be Ice Age sequel bad. This is pretty much the last chance for Blue Sky Studios to make a good animated blockbuster that's not an Ice Age sequel. Considering it's owned by 20th Century Fox and just recently been bought by Disney.

For the movie itself. It was.....meh. It definitely wasn't bad. Could've been worse. But, I found myself rolling my eyes somewhat to some of the scenes they put in there because it's typical for a family animated movie for putting stuff in there. Though, the story was ok and they message from the original story still holds strong. But, the characters are forgettable and the writing was not that great. You can tell the actors tried hard to put something in the characters considering all have nothing to work with. The animation is nice as always and that's the only great thing I can say about it.

Overall, a serviceable animated movie that'll make kids quiet for an hour and a half. But, it won't be remembered that much in the long run.

I feel bad for Blue Sky considering they don't have a great track record. They only had two great movies and one good one. Ice Age, The Peanuts Movie, and Rio. Others were just bad. Though, maybe once the government trial goes through, Blue Sky could be owned by Disney as well. Weird that Disney will own three animation studios. Itself, Pixar, and Blue Sky. But, will it still be around or will it be shut down. Depends on how this movie will do in the long run. And from the looks of it, I'm not so sure of it.

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