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The Furpocalypse con theme issue

on 23 September 2017 at 21:05:47 MDT

Well, another furry drama has come in terms of twitter yet again. This time over its theme. Haunted Asylum.

Now, when I heard about its theme. I thought no big deal. Because it's one of those haunted themes that's been used for decades in any medium. From scary books to horror movies to haunted mazes and even tv shows. Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole have used that concept on it. A lot of people actually like the subject as well. It's something that certain people like to go into depth on why those old asylums are haunted and the stories that come out of it really bring out many to think on the subject on how mental patients have been treated in the past. Plus, it makes one hell of a scary story and you definitely want to visit an actual one. Even during the day.

But, of course. That's when the SJWs come swooping in. Saying it's glorying torture and abuse of mental patients at the time. And many had even want to protest the convention itself to even make such a theme. Demanding to immediately change it as it's only one month away. Some even suggested to come into the convention to disrupt it as a way of punishing the convention board to have the theme. And in retaliation of this. the convention itself decided to send refunds to some of the people who already bought passes to go there to prevent this kind of thing and that's when the shit hit the fan.

I'm usually the one that stays out of furry drama the best I can. Because I really don't want to get all caught up in a shit storm that is the furry fandom. But, I want to have a take on this. On both sides.

Now, on the one hand, Furpocalypse has decided on a theme that's been used before. In theme park haunted mazes to movies and tv shows. It's something a lot of horror fans can get behind as a theme. On the other hand, I can understand the SJWs. Because trying to "glorify" the torture and abuse of mental patients in pre-1970s is something that should be talked about. But, they did it in the wrong way. If you didn't like the theme, then why didn't you ask for a refund and not go there. Instead of complaining publicly about it and insult the convention board for making the theme. Even go as far as outright said you'll do something drastic to the convention itself. If you don't like the theme, then don't buy the pass to go to the convention and don't go to it at all. So that the board wouldn't have to refund your pass to prevent you from going. I mean, where was the outcry when the sicko Eli Roth made Hostel, where was the outcry when Saw was a popular franchise, and especially where was the uproar when American Horror Story ran an entire season on a haunted asylum.

I pretty much said my piece on this and that's all I will say. And I'm sure the drama have long since passed already considering that's how most internet dramas last now in days. In my opinion, the theme Furpocalypse has used is no big deal. The theme has been used by many types of medium and will continue for a long time. Though, I do understand where some people come from on the history of torture and abuse of mental patients. And that's something that should be talked about in terms of sensitivity.

And that's my two cents.

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