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Bumblebee - movie review

on 30 December 2018 at 20:50:29 MST


This is what a Transformers look like without Michael Bay at the helm. And I think it's the best one, yet. Even though I'm a fan of the old Bay Transformers movies. I know they're not good quality movies in many ways, but I love the action scenes in them. They're kind of my guilty pleasure for a long time. But, when I heard about this one. A reboot/"prequel". I was intrigued. I'm hoping that they would do this one right so that a new Transformers franchise would get underway and perhaps a cinematic universe with the G.I. Joe.

Bumblebee is what I would call a call back movie. It calls back to the 1980s. Literally. It's a basic child with lost dog story. Kind of like Iron Giant and E.T. I love the 80s references they put in the movie. But most of all, I love the designs of the transformers themselves. They look like what they actually were back in the old cartoon. Like the cartoon show come to life. The same voices as well. When I heard Soundwave's voice along with the original sound effects, I squeed. LOL. I know. Can't help it.

There are some problems with this, though. It's predictable in a sense and at times when it gets a bit too silly. But, glad it didn't do what the original live action movie did. And I did wish they would toss away any references of the original movies, too. Oh well. This kind of reminds me of the recent live action TMNT movie years ago. It wasn't directed by Michael Bay, but he had a hand in it and it wasn't too terrible. Much like this one, but at least it's better.

Overall, if you're a huge Transformers fan and a hater of the live action Transformers movies. You will enjoy this one a lot.

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