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Justice League - movie review

on 17 November 2017 at 20:50:46 MST

Before I say something about Justice League, here are my thoughts on the DCU movies so far. I don't know why each one gets all the hate from some fans (not Wonder Woman so far), but I enjoyed every single one of them. Sure they all have flaws, but if you have a great time watching them and see pass the flaws. Then, the movies did their jobs. Man of Steel I thought was one of the best Superman movies of today. It's different and it deals with Superman the person. Batman vs. Superman I thought had some issues and didn't like it at first, but after a few more viewings and seeing the Ultimate edition made me appreciate it more. Suicide Squad I had a blast watching it. Even though it had flaws, I still enjoyed it. The extended edition made it more sense, too. Wonder Woman has already been praised enough, so I wouldn't say much else to it.

I've been rooting for DC and Warner Brothers to do a Justice League movie because if there's any superhero group that deserves one, it's this one. And boy did I really enjoy this movie. It has some flaws here and there and a few edit errors at a few places. But, overall, it's a Justice League movie that I've always wanted to see. Close enough that is. Should've it been better? Of course, but it's close enough for me. Each character was done just right. From Wonder Woman and Batman to Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. Even Superman was done better. Even though that's kind of a spoiler, but I think it already has been from the reportings.

Anyways, I think everybody should ignore the critics because they hate movies when they see flaws. If you're able to ignore the flaws, you will enjoy this movie. Though, at times it does feel like there were two directors working on this movie. You can tell which scene was done by Joss Whedon and which ones was done by Zack Snyder. But, you can barely tell since it worked slow well together. You could also tell it's been cut down for time. We'll probably see all of their deleted scenes once it's out on Blu-Ray.

I do recommend this movie to any DC or superhero fan. There are a few easter eggs in there, so pay attention. And definitely stay for the after-credit scenes. There's a fun one at the beginning and at the very end, it's something very interesting. Trust me.

Overall, a fun superhero team up movie. Some flaws here and there, but still a ton of fun.

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