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Hey all. Just a regular fur who likes to take pictures and record events at places I visit. I am a very friendly guy and like to make friends. So, what's up? :)



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Mulan (2020) - movie review

There were two to three movies from the Disney live action remake list that I was very much looking forward to see them. Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and Mulan. Because I know they can do something different with those movies and don't have to be the exact same from the original. They nailed it with The Jungle Book (2016). It was different enough to be it's own thing, but still pay homage to the original. Aladdin (2019) was kind of a miss. It was suppose to be different, but when many fans say they want songs in it, Disney listened and it's pretty much the same movie as the original animated film. But, Will Smith as Genie did helped it make it better. And now, here comes Mulan. A movie everybody knows that it can be good on it's own without the songs, or Mushu, or even the spirits. The trailers made it look like they did it justice and a live action remake that can stand on it's own without comparing it to the original. It was suppose to be released early this spring, but then the covid pandemic hit and everything got turned upside down. It got delayed to the summer, then a month late, and just out of the blue. Disney announced they'll release it through Disney+ with a $30 additional charge. That changed the game. The year 2020 has now become the turning point on releasing big tempol movies. If successful, we could see more big blockbuster movies release on streaming services rather than in movie theaters. But, just have to see if Mulan (2020) is good enough to prove that.

And it's good. Kind of. It's not great. Didn't blew me away. There were a lot of changes they made in the movie, which is what to be expected. But, it still follows the same beat as the original. They didn't do the same scenery like The Lion King (2019) did, but you can tell it followed the same steps. But again, that's to be expected as well. The fight choreographies were very well done. Reminds me of the old kung fu movies. At times, it felt a bit pro China, but considering the Chinese government help fund this movies. You can tell. But, it's subtle enough to not make it stand out. There is this one big change that I can't say because it's a spoiler, but let's just say the change didn't fit well with the overall pace of the movie and with Mulan as a character.

Overall, if I had to place this among the list of Disney live action remakes. From best to worst. The Jungle Book (2016) being the best and Dumbo (2019) the worst. I put Mulan (2020) somewhere in the middle. Above The Lion King (2019) and below Aladdin (2019). As if it's worth the $30 additional charge in it's release now. I say not really. The movie does look good enough to be on the big screen, which I wish it was, but here we are (Thanks, anti-maskers). My advice, wait till it's available on Disney+ without the additional charge. As in wait till December, which is schedules to be part of at that time.

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    Hi there and thank you a lot for the watch tailwaggles =3

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    Holy heck, I’ve been reading your movie reviews for a while. I just wanna say that are all very good and I really enjoy them! Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you. I'm flattered that you enjoy reading them. :)

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    Thanks for the follow, hun! I love your fursuit and hope to get one of my own one day. You're also only a state away too!

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      You're welcome. :) Got some great artworks. And thanks. Be sure to save enough to get one and choose the right maker that suits you.