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The Meg - movie review

on 10 August 2018 at 20:50:47 MDT

I'm always a sucker for a fun or suspenseful shark movie. So, when I heard that a movie about a giant prehistoric shark wrecking havoc, I'm all in. Didn't know it was based on a book back in the 90's, so I decided to read it before watching it. Just to see how the story is. Though, I didn't read the book per say. More like listen to it since I got it as an audiobook. The book itself feels like it was made to be a 90's animal monster B-movie. But, it took itself serious enough because the author put in some actual science in it. So, I am hoping that the movie will be like that except it'll be more like Jaws and much less like Sharknado.

Although, this movie is no where like Jaws and not close enough to be like Sharknado. It's somewhere in between. There are some parts where it has some serious moments and there are parts where it seems silly. I'm just glad it didn't go the Piranha 3D route. I heard it was originally going to be a hard R kind of suspense, but the studio decided to hold it back to a PG-13 rating. I'm kind of glad it did because the gore in Piranha 3D was extremely over-the-top and if The Meg went that route, I would've walked out. Though, I would like to see a rated R version of this movie. Maybe they'll put up the uncut version of it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Anyways, this movie was obviously geared more towards the silly shark movie crowd than the serious Jaws crowd. I did had a good time watching this. It's kind of a animal monster B-movie. You get what you paid for. So, don't expect too much of this movie. If you like shark movies with some silliness in it along with some seriousness. Watch this movie either matinee or wait till it comes out via Red Box or rent it on any of the streaming sites.

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