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One of us by JohnSergal

One of us


When I was walking, suddenly something stung me in the neck. I turned around and it was my friend Corvin with something like a medical gun. And with him were Reza Keyen and Lime Ade. All three of them looked at me with a sly smile and what is expected. I quickly noticed that their growth has been higher and I was a little excited. Excitement gave way to shock when I realized that I myself fell and turned into a cute Nevrean.
Art by me
Sergals and nevreans species © mick39
Reza Keyen
Lime Ade
By creating this art, I would like to thank these wonderful birds, for the fact that they helped me their good advice, and corrected my mistakes in the bodies sergals. And also for the fact that this show the wonderful world sergals and nerveans. Thank you. I hope you enjoy this gift.