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I make a webcomic involving several of these characters it can be read here>



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on 14 March 2022 at 18:22:07 MDT

FAQs and Statements updated 3/14/22

Q: Do I need to ask permission to draw any of your characters?
A: Nah (unless it makes you feel better).

Q: I made a fanart but you haven’t favorited it or said anything about it.
A: Chances are I don’t know about it, I’ll always favorite fanart and I will usually post some sort of a comment.

Q: Are commissions open? If so how do I get a commission?
A: I don’t do commissions.
Q: Why not?
A: Because I don’t want to deal with the hassle and this is just a hobby I do in my small amount of spare time.

Q: So if commissions aren’t available how could I get you to draw something for me?
A: Sweet talk me. If I like the idea I might go through with it.

Q: How about Art Trades?
A: Sometimes I do these and it often depends on who you are (and your art quality).

Q: I have an idea for a drawing involving your cast but I don’t know where to post it.
A: Put it in the comments somewhere or send me a Note/PM.

Q: Is there anywhere I could donate? (Patreon Kofi etc.)
A: Not currently (no plans at this point)

Q: How much money have you made from all of your hard work.
A: $0

Q: Your comic New Life starts off awfully similar to Two Kinds, why is that?
A: Ehhh In Short: Let’s just say I probably should’ve made another rewrite to the comic before releasing it. Younger me didn’t have much of a clue on how to write stories and used a significant amount of inspiration to get a start.

Q: Why don’t you draw private parts on your characters?
A: Because they make me uncomfortable plus I like to think the fur keeps things covered.
Q: What about humans or thin furred characters, will we ever see them 'showing off'
A: Highly unlikely, like I mentioned it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Q: Do you post NSFW art anywhere (i.e. porn)?
A: No.

Q: Have you ever drawn something too questionable to post?
A: Mmmmmaybe. Quite Possibly... Yeah.

Q: I want to draw something NSFW involving your cast.
A: I rather you didn't.

Q: What program do you use to draw?
A: Gimp 2.8.20

Q: What device do you draw with?
A: Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 and my old trusty desktop PC from 2010.

Q: Can I be your friend?
A: Possibly

Q: What happened to Baxter (the white cat with yellow hair who pestered Hazel) and what happened to the pages he was involved with?
A: A broken friendship and creative differences with his creator caused me to lose the rights to him.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered.
A: Post it below.

Q: Hey I found some of your art on another site besides Deviant Art, Fur Affinity or Weasyl. Is that you?
A: No, that’s someone reposting my art without my permission…which is annoying.

Copyright & Reposting Policy

-Please don't repost art to other websites without my permission even if you credit me. (Just ask, I don't bite)
-DO NOT repost my art anywhere WITHOUT crediting me.
-DO NOT alter my works, remove the copyright signature or otherwise mess with them.
-- If I find my works reposted (altered or not) without any sort of credit and/or the copyright info removed I will pursue a copyright takedown.

  • While I don't charge money for my works they're like my "children" and I don't like having them stolen. ** If I drew something for you (i.e. Fanart/Giftart) then you can repost it all you want but ONLY if you're the intended recipient.

I think that's fair enough?

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    I just wanted to leave a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your style. It's got a simple elegance to it that's very compelling, and really makes your characters look incredibly cute. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Hey man, just read through all of New Life and it's been quite enjoyable so far! Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks, means alot ^-^

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    Since I follow you on DA, I had to follow you here.