Tonight it's Dangerous by Jinxorskii Montalgo

Tonight it's Dangerous

Jinxorskii Montalgo

31 October 2020 at 16:27:29 MDT

"Another loud stomp on the floor from afar, almost sounding like a plastic object fell. Coming from the direction of the growls. Following them a bit faster now, Loqe could start to make out... Hissing? And he knew what the rex was doing. The rhythmic motions, interrupted by the occasional drop when it started to move too fast. The desperate grumbles of pleasure followed by frustration when the pattern was broken. Creaks of what sounded like a large dense balloon growing, rubbing against objects and walls as the dragon approached the half closed door. "...Zar...?" He half whispered, lightly pushing the door opened while shining his light through..."

I decided to colour this sketch I made almost a year ago. In that time, my friend Bartan Bartan
wrote a story based on the sketch! So things have now come full circle, I guess.
Happy Halloween!

Zarrel and Loqe belong to Bartan Bartan

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