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Dino Doodle Dump by Jifi-Dawg

Dino Doodle Dump


8 September 2019 at 05:46:39 MDT

I've been drawing LOTS of dinos lately, because dinos make me feel so much better ;v; So here are some of my own babies that I've drawn <3

From top to bottom:
-Cappuccino the styracosaurus. The first two are just quick practice doodles~ the second... I was wondering what it would look like if dinos had toe beans? I HOPE THEY HAD TOE BEANS. And the third is Cappuccino with a cappuccino, you're welcome B)
-Kandii the parasaurolophus. idk I wanted a 100% dinosaur sona, so Kandii is trying out that position! So far I really love her, paras make me smile <3
-Creepy the baryonyx. When I first started playing ARK, I had this AWESOME baryonyx named Creepy! He was my partner and went everywhere with me, super good boi <3 But he died to a pack of alpha raptors, so I made a character out of him so I could keep loving on him ;v;
-Sabbath the sarcosuchus/seraphim/longhorn hybrid. A quiet boi with very little patience. Probably don't get on his bad side...
-Fever the spinosaurus/plecostamus/jaguar hybrid. Another boi created in memoriam of a lost dino in ARK. It was actually my fault that he died, and I felt SO BAD??? So here we are LOL

Primeval Age: