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Astrid Fluffia Registration Trial by Jifi-Dawg

Astrid Fluffia Registration Trial


-huffs- Finally done ;v; I had a few reasons for wanting to get this done, but I'm too tired for that now. So just enjoy a bunch of disproportionate Astrids doing various things xDD She IS in her Terradragon Griffolk form here btw, since her Bagbean form is getting a revamp!

1 - Prince Sandal's Shoes
Astrid is a sweetie anyways, so when she figured out Prince Sandal likes hearing nice things about his shoes, she was all about those compliments!

2 - Fluffian Fauna
While Astrid's sister, Diamond, was in the process of taming her dyst bunny, Astrid decided to be a sweet big sister and help her along. So she would take the dyst bunny, Tifa, out on short walks through the park and pet her and tell her nice things.

3 - Desserts with Pladdy
Apparently Pladdy's desserts are a must-have in Fluffia, so Astrid has decided to buy something and try them for herself!

4 - Fluffian Flora
Honestly Astrid probably wanted to water the flowers anyways, so when Famora asked her for help she was happy to do so!

5 - Relationship Advice
Astrid stumbled across Sweetheart and Honey after a big argument, and being the sweetie she is, tried her best to help them through it with some good advice.

6 - Finding Volcaniton
After months of studying maps and local legends, Astrid is sure she's found the location of Volcaniton! In her excitement she's telling Socks all about it, but he has no idea what's going on and has instead been chewing on the same piece of paper the entire time.


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