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Vixie Crossing by Jifi-Dawg

Vixie Crossing


omg you have no idea how hard it is to draw in the Animal Crossing style when you aren't used to chibi or minimalism xD (I hope that's the right word) I just spent like three hours on this, no lie. Also sorry for the funny texture, but I needed something like this that would be visible when zoomed out x3

But anyways, I'm really falling in love with Vixie Fae ;7; I can usually tell if my connection with a character will last within a few days of drawing them, and this girl and I just CLICK yo! I mean just look at that toothy, crocodilian face <3 I've found out that she's a bit of a lazy butt with a love for soft, comfortable things. And she LOVES food! Food and biting. hehe totally me in animal form~

Animal Crossing belongs to (c)Nintendo