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Player Pastry

Player Pastry


20 January 2016 at 18:04:44 MST

I decided "fuck it, life's too short to hide away stuff and ponder forever about whether or not to upload it", so here, have this. It's basically like, hey guess what, you got devoured during the battle. Or cause you lost. Either way, yeah. I made it after someone pointed out the special after-battle messages you get in battle if you wait around instead of Sparing her the first chance you get. (it's like, the only fetishy thing that stuck out to me in the whole game, and also really hitting on it, even though I doubt that was the intent at all).

Also if you really can't tell, that music in the background is Spider Dance pitched down, because that's an Undertale thing to do. Pitching it down to an insane degree just made it unrecognizable and non-fitting, though, I wanted it to be more like a pitched-down version for you being stuck in the stomach and trying to escape, as opposed to super dark and dreary "but nobody..."-type stuff.

Muffet is from Undertale, which is © toby fox

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    It's okay.

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      I mean the audio is cool and awesome. 'It' in my comment referred to creating things like this.