Gone Spelunkin' by Jeschke

Gone Spelunkin'


3 September 2015 at 15:17:31 MDT

It's very wet, very warm, and rather loud inside of a goat's stomach. Ironically enough, it isn't quite as dark as you'd have imagined. If someone had told you the attendant at the Spelunking booth would have you exploring his stomach instead of a cave system, you wouldn't assume he had the foresight to swallow a glowstick for you to see with, too. Not that the light helps a whole lot when every breath you take diminishes your air supply. The goat only seems to be belching out air, not pulling more in for you. You have a bad feeling this is why you haven't seen many people leaving the Spelunking area, and also why the goat is so fat, you can only barely feel him dragging his fingers through the layers of fat around you..

Well, time to start searching through the discarded belongings and remains of your predecessors in hope of finding that gold brick! Hopefully you don't end up part of this ride too, but you're going to have to dig through a lot of gunk..

Bit of fanart I received from BronzeBanana the other day, of one of the scenes from my text adventure/interactive, A Day At The Funfair. Bit of a spoiler for that ride too, but at the same time, game's been out for a while. Also that internal shot is so foreboding and the implication of being so buried in there, aaaaah

Artist's upload, over on Eka's

Art (and title/part of the description that I kinda lifted) © BronzeBanana
Goat comes from The Funfair, © myself

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    Man, there's just some endings I've never gotten despite using low health and homing in on them. No bad end for Dunk Tank or Pachinko, no matter how many times I try. Hedgemaze hasn't given me anything but the plant ending too.

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      Dunk tank has random chance you can't affect, Pachinko...Plinko? That's also got random outcomes and all that. x3 Hedgemaze though, you just have to find the preds. They don't move around or anything. (not yet anyway), and there's four of them, you should find something more if you look around s'more. :3

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        Oh no wait, it's not dunk tank. It's the apple bobbing. Either way, good to know about the hedgemaze. c:

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          Ah, well, good luck with the apple bobbing and all. That one's more random chance, yeah. x3

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    Hmm. Regarding the hedge maze, it may be possible to make a randomly-generated maze pretty simply.

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      Yeah, I've got ideas regarding that. More some different iterations of the maze that're made by switching which room exits are visible and which are hidden. Not so much changing the room's positions or adding too many more, but which lead where and where the predators are, based on whichever seed is chosen.

      But yeah, definitely thought about that, haha