The First Thief by Jeschke

The First Thief

The First Thief


31 August 2015 at 20:29:20 MDT

Because this is Weasyl and not FA, the slightly larger file limit for audio means I can upload the full thing here. Woo for that! :3

Anyway! This is the largest POV I've made thus far, and one that I felt really, really needed to be done. As far as things go, I'd imagine this happening before the events in the Hobbit, as in, the listener is an earlier party sent by the dwarves to retrieve the Arkenstone. What happens from there? Well...just take a listen and follow along below if you're not sure what's going on.

And as always, don't forget, headphones are VERY recommended to get the full experience. :3

0:00 - A minute ago, you accidentally woke Smaug up. A few moments ago, he smelled you on the air. And now instead of sneaking in and grabbing the Arkenstone and getting out, you've gotten yourself in a very precarious position.That much is obvious as the dragon walks around the grand chamber, peering into any corner he can to try and find you. Luckily, he isn't very close to you. Unluckily, you're stuck behind a column, any movement would give away your position. You can just hope he doesn't end up looking your way as he stalks around the area..
0:43 - A low growl catches your attention, and you look over to stare into the eyes of Smaug as they stare at you. Your heart starts to race as the mighty dragon walks closer, not even able to work up the strength to flee. What good would fleeing even do? Smaug doesn't even hesitate in taunting you about your failure, how you've been used; it's hardly comforting to know how little you must seem in his eyes. The great beast comes closer, and closer, almost shaking the ground beneath your feet.
1:16 - Smaug stands before you, lowly growling in pleasure, smirking down at your frozen, fearful form. You'd heard of the splendor of a dragon before, but up close...his frame dwarfs yours, his voice rumbles in your ears, and his mouth is big enough that it could fit your entire body inside of it, easily. It's quite frightening, but oddly thrilling.....if only you weren't so certain you were about to be severely punished for treading in his territory.
1:40 - He takes a deep breath, and you can hear, further down, a heavy grumbling echoing around the room. Smaug puts his front paws directly to either side of you, keeping you from being able to run to the side and away, while you stare up at his face, seeing hunger prominently displayed in his eyes. He rears up, and, eyes glowing, suddenly snaps down at you!
1:53 - Instead of being rended in two by his jaws, they catch tight around your body, sealing you in past the teeth inside of his mouth. The heat is quite powerful, exhaled up at you with each breath that comes from the gullet in front of you. You're seated at the end of his tongue, jaws pressing down on your body, trapped.
1:59 - He starts gently tasting at you, chewing softly to jostle you further into his mouth, his tongue rolling up around your body and scraping up at your face as he tastes his prey. You could try to push it back, but it'd be of no use, he's tasting much too firmly to be dissuaded by a little bit of struggling. He savors you for quite some time, letting the drool soak into your clothing, seeming to enjoy your taste quite a bit. You couldn't be much of the judge of that, really. You start to slowly slide further in as he tips his head back..
2:12 - Smaug rrrhls out, before the back of the tongue dips down, sliding you right down into his throat with a small gulp. However, instead of repeatedly swallowing to pull you down faster, he lets you slide down, taking the long journey down his throat.. It's almost like a very fleshy slide, one that catches on you and wraps around you with heated, slimy walls to keep you from going too fast. Even with you trying to push at the throat walls or slow yourself down, you're simply too slick to stop yourself. Down, down you go, constantly pulled downwards by tiny undulations of the soft walls, your body sliding down the semi-tight passageway, the heat rising as you slowly plunge into the depths of the dragon's body, past the heart and lungs..
2:40 - With a slight contraction, you're pushed effortlessly through the sphincter into the stomach, sliding out into a small pool of liquids. The slimy chamber is quite enough to hold your body inside, while the thud of the beast's heartbeat and dull whoosh of his lungs can be heard a ways above you. The walls are sticky, but at the very least the slimy stomach acids don't really burn very much. The air is more of a problem, it's all heated and moist and tastes nasty.
2:53 - After letting out a belly-rumbling belch, Smaug begins to walk, his footsteps rumbling outside of the chamber you're trapped inside. You're not even sure you make much of a bulge, at your size. More of a mid-nap snack than anything else. The heat of the stomach is starting to get overbearing, but it's not enough to make you faint....yet. You would really love a rescue before you have to strip or something.
3:08 - Coming to a halt, Smaug takes in a mighty breath, and looses a mighty roar that would probably wreck your ears if you heard it from the outside. At least on the inside you have muscle walls and internal organs dampening the noise. You're fairly certain you know what he's roaring for, too. "I have found your thief, and he did not escape", Smaug is proclaiming. A warning to anyone who might come back.
3:25 - His warning done, Smaug lays down, and starts to rest. After all, he hadn't found two thieves in his home, just you. He belches, slightly reducing the air in the stomach, but more worrisome than that you can hear it starting to gurgle and groan, just like any other stomach filled Was this to be your fate? Snapped up for a snack and used to sate Smaug's hunger? You were really unsure anyone would come to rescue you, and if they did, if they'd be able to get to you in time, can't do much besides try and relax and hold out the digestion. It didn't seem to be working very hard at you, really, so maybe it was just a warning. Still, it sure was making a lot of noise. You try and stay calm inside of the stomach, to avoid stirring it into further action.
4:01 - The stomach starts to slightly churn around you, walls rolling gently underneath and around your body in a slight clench of a relaxed stomach. And around you, you can hear a low, heavy breathing. Sounds like Smaug has drifted off with a full belly. It's not painfully tight in there, or working at you very hard, so it's not horribly uncomfortable...really, the walls were kinda soft, if but a bit pushy in rubbing against you. You've never been digested before, or even inside a stomach, so this is probably one of the best guts you could've found yourself in. No burning, just a general sliminess all over you and through your clothes, a heat that borders on discomfort but is more relaxing than anything else, and a warm massaging all over your body in rolling muscular waves. You're half-sunk into the belly walls beneath you, while the others remain comfortably tight around you, almost nearly smothering you but still giving enough room to breath the air. You have no idea if you're going to get out of here any time soon, but maybe you can just....relax a little while, try to give your mind some time to come to terms with being trapped inside a dragon's stomach, just sort of let yourself drift off to sleep... The rhythmic pulsations and slow breathing around you help lull you deeper into a relaxed state, leaving you quite trapped inside the beast's belly, but not frantically trying to escape. Not like you could budge your way past a sphincter or anything, really. So it's best to just lay there for a while..

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