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31 August 2015 at 20:12:34 MDT

This was a commission for huttsercoyote huttsercoyote, and the first aquatic character I've done. :3 Tried a new thing with the icon as well, hope it's still readable and all...might just simplify it in the future instead of trying to list a whole ton of things. The background for the icon comes from this picture by Shade_Okami!

Undertow is from Little Mermaid 2 and © Disney

0:00 - You're out, swimming a far ways from shore. The ocean was rather calm, so you saw no reason not to go out for a swim....and even though the shore is quite a ways in the horizon, you're not worried about getting back. You're just happy to enjoy the sun, the warm weather, the cool water, the salty breeze, and the way the waves move you about. It's the sort of peaceful relaxation you imagine office workers dream about. Those poor saps.
0:14 - You're shaken from your thoughts as the ocean waters start to quickly move about to your side, something fairly large stirring them up. Within moments, you see the cause of it, a (bold)massive tiger shark that seems to have surfaced a ways away, knocking several other creatures aside, and it's heading...straight for you?? You're frozen as you lock eyes with him, his grinning mouth opening wide, his hot breath hitting you as the mouth scoops around your smaller body..
0:26 - The shark bites down, and you're partially relieved that you weren't chomped in half...though the fact that you're now inside a barely-lit shark mouth is sort of a concern. You can see some of the water that came in with you disappearing down the back of the shark's throat, while your soaked body rests belly-down in the curve of his tongue, gently rubbed from beneath as he tastes you. Staring down his throat, you can feel warm wafts of air as he breathes, adding a bit of warmth to the warm drool that was replacing the salty ocean water soaked through your body.
0:40 - A delighted rumble vibrates your upper body before you're suddenly tipped down into the shark's throat, unable to get a grip before you're tucked away in the relaxed folds of his throat. Powerful gulping motions seize your whole body at once and force you down, throat walls pressing against every bit of your body each time he gulps. The heat of his throat is offset by the cool ocean water that dribbles down with you, but the crushing throat muscles make it kind of hard to enjoy the contrast.
0:53 - You feel yourself squeezed out into a much more spacious chamber, with a good pool of lukewarm water at the bottom. Feeling ahead, you can find the back of the chamber a little farther ahead....judging from the length and the low ceiling, and your rudimentary knowledge of biology, you're willing to bet this is the shark's stomach. There's room enough to stretch out, at least to either side and upwards, but the stomach walls are too firm for you to push out very far. Noticing your movement, the shark just chuckles....not entirely a good sign. The pool of juices is heavily diluted by fresh water, thankfully, so there's no tingly digestion to worry about...but everything's far too slick for you to get a hold, and even so you doubt you could force your way back up the shark's throat unless he was knocked out cold. There's plenty of air too, in the open space...though every time he belches out the used air, you can feel the walls squeeze in just a bit more, less room to move about. The grumbling of the hungry stomach echoes around you, and the walls are starting to press in around your body, giving less room to move about.. With nothing really to do, you resign yourself to your fate as sharkfood, and don't try to thrash around or really fight...not like you'd really be able to make a dent in his hide, either. You try to listen to the water rushing by outside as your senses start to fade, until you slip away into unconsciousness..

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