Haad the Soldier of the Sands by JeremiahSmackTheWall

Haad the Soldier of the Sands


4 October 2017 at 09:36:46 MDT

This is a reworked concept of the other Haad HERE: That I had posted the other day. This concept turns him from a assassin support into a full assassin. He is one of a few concepts I will be developing (not like they will become real champs but who cares... it's still fun). I have plans for atleast 5 including Haad. These concepts will be Shuriman and be a sort of 'second wave' to the Azir vs Xerath story. Each faction is missing key roles for having a full rounded team. AZIR SIDE: TOP; Nasus JUNGLE; NA MID; Azir ADC; Sivir SUPP; NA. XERATH SIDE: TOP: Renekton JUNGLE; NA MID; Cassiopea / Xerath ADC; NA SUPP; NA. I know that is probably confusing but my goal is to create a jungler/supp to support Azir and a Jungler, Supp, and ADC. Now that my rambling is over... lets look at Haad, The Soldier of the Sands

Health: 564 - 2004
Health Regen: 9.25 - 24.55
Mana: NA - Builds Energy like Rengar/tryndamere for use in making abilities stronger. 100 - 280
Mana Regen: SEE ABOVE Scales at lvl intervals 1-5 :10:, 6-12 :15:, 12-7 :20:, 18 :25: confusing i'll figure this out later each regen amount is per 5 seconds 
Range: 130
Attack Damage:60 - 109.5
Attack Speed:0.633 + (0 + 53.5%)
Armor:  24.5 - 69.5
Magic Resist: 24.5 - 69.5
Movement Speed: 346

(MUCH different from his old lore)(NEEDS TO BE EDITED/FIXED/REVISED/ECT)
As a young child Haad had seen the exploitation of the Shuriman people by the other nations, and by ruling houses in Shurima. Born a slave, he too experienced these injustices and vowed to one day take up arms and fight back. While being a slave was terrible, it was only made worse by the fact he was Vastayan and thus would be forced to use his magic to preform mundane tasks, wasting his vital life energy. He was 'employed' within the house of a prominent Noxian family. They had this home while one of the heads daughters looked for something here in the desert. While in this house he watched the soldiers being trained in the ways of stealth and assassination and mimicked them when he was alone, training day and night until he could eventually walk around the house unseen by anyone, even the training masters.

Luckily to his goals one of his tasks was to assist the blacksmith that made them their weapons. This blacksmith was also a slave, though not Shuriman he was Ionian, his rage towards the house flamed brightly, cursing them under his breath each time he struck the steel. It was this rage that allowed Haad to muster the courage to ask him of a favor... a blade. The smith looked at him and without a word pulled up some raw metal material that is used in making Shuriman crafts and arms. "This may be the last item I ever forge... boy... use it well." The smith worked all night until the blade was perfect (true blade concept coming out soon-ish), it had a golden blade, a light purple hilt and a golden ring through the top of lower section of the blade. It was perfect, for it's craftsmanship he named it after it's creator, Baang-shi, and with this Haad knew he would soon exact his revenge on his captors. 

As Haad was trying to hide the blade somewhere in the forge room a guard walked in having overheard their conversation. "Give me that blade, slave, and maybe i'll let you live." the man was one of the assassins that Haad had imitated. Not wanting to be stopped so soon Haad lunged at the man who easily dodged him and laughed. "Keep coming boy... I haven't wet my blade in ages." Haad knew a straight forward fight would end in his own death and then decided to use all of his abilities both in combat and magic. He paused only for a moment while he summoned the sand in the room to surround and rise to attack the man, he screamed in pain as the sand cut and tore against him. In the following breath Haad rushed the man slashing at him until he dropped to his knees.

"Your blade won't be fed this day... or any other." Haad raised to strike the final blow but the man leapt up and ran, but, with a sigh of annoyance Haad used his magic once again to summon a razor sharp leave, throwing it into the mans back finishing him. "What a coward." Haad grabbed the mans keys and undid the smiths binds and without another word disappeared into the Hallway. 

~~Story: Rise of a Legend~~ (NEEDS TO BE EDITED/FIXED/REVISED/ECT)

Haad was wandering the sands in search of the woman that had lead his house, Cassiopeia. This was the person who caused him to become a slave, caused him to suffer so and was often the one asking him to preform feats of Vastayan magic for her amusement. This shame and disrespect could not be shaken off no matter how hard he tried. Each town he went to said the same thing, the woman was looking for a woman who wielded a weapon by the name of Chalicar. Haad knew this story as many Shurimans, Chalicar was one of the weapons of the Ascended Setaka. Little more than stories.

One day however he entered a settlement and found that they had just left merely hours before and anxious to get this over with Haad rushed through the sands in the direction he was given. Over the horizon he could see a ruin but as he approached a bright light shone through the air blinding him. In his confusion he did not realize where he was and as the ancient city began to rise around him he fell into a trench being created by the shifting sands where he became buried but still alive. He awoke many hours later and after digging himself out of the sands he stood in awe as he was on the edge of a beautiful golden city. He ran towards the city as fast as he could.

He walked the streets of the city in amazement recognizing many of the ancient structures from old texts he had read. The whole city seemed to be built of gold giving off a brilliant glow in the late afternoon sun. Haad stopped as he saw a sight that took his breath away... The Dais of Ascension. He couldn't believe this existed... if it was real then maybe the ascended themselves were too. He walked more trying to find the Palace, often getting lost because the whole city was a palace. He then heard voices. One of a strong voiced man and one of a gruff woman. As he walked down the street the voices grew louder and louder.

He peered around a corner and saw two figures, a woman with a cross blade, The mercenary the woman was looking for no doubt, and a man in Golden hawk armor. The man he did not recognize but almost instantly recognized him as not human. Could this be another Vastayan? perhaps of the Lhotan or another avian tribe? No, the Lhotan were flashy but the gold this man wore was that of Shuriman craft. As Haad decided to walk away and look for Cassiopeia the man darted his gaze toward him. His heart sunk as he began to run away, before he was stopped by a soldier who appeared to be made of sand.

"Who are you?" The mans voice echoed off of the walls as he spoke in a loud and regal tone. 

"I am Haad, a simple traveler." His voice cracked in fear as the man approached him.

"I sense there is more too you, why are you here? What business do you have in my city." His voice was aggressive and angry but the armor hid his expressions.

"In search of a woman," he sputtered trying not to shake and tremble.

"I sense deception in you," he held he staff against Haads chest. "Why do you seek her?"

Seeing that this being could tell if he was lying Haad reluctantly told the truth. "I seek a woman from Noxus who enslaved me and many others... I wish to avenge us all."

The man dropped the spear and turned toward the woman, then returned his gaze to Haad. "This woman wouldn't be named Cassiopeia would she?"

"Y.. yes." Haad was relieved that the man seemed to be calming down. "How did you know."

"It is because of her arrogance I am once again awakened." He waved his hand and the guard behind Haad turned into a pile of sand. "Now if you seek to kill her, You may be of use to us."

The man ushered Haad to follow him as he walked the streets of the city. "I used to live in this city, and once even... rule it, and all the desert." he led them through the streets casually as if it was just a friendly stroll through the park. "I intend to return it to it's former glory. Now i'm sure you know where you are... but do you know who I am?"

"No sir," Haad assumed this meant the man was of some higher status.

"I am Azir, the last Emperor of Shurima, and once again I am Emperor." He stopped and faced Haad. "And I need souls like yours return use to our seat of power."

The name Azir was very familiar to Haad, the old texts spoke of him, who he was, and what he'd done... over a millenia ago... "How can you be Azir... he'd been dead for such a long time."

"I have been reborn and upon saving my own daughter and last member of my Bloodline I was granted ascension," Azir turned away. "If you wish, you can join us and help us ascend the world to greatness."

Haad and Azir walked the streets into the night that was fast approaching and without words Haad became the first Soldier of the New Shurima, Azir, was going to build. 

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