Haad the Strength of the Shadow by JeremiahSmackTheWall (critique requested)

Haad the Strength of the Shadow (critique requested)


24 September 2017 at 15:04:24 MDT

This is a un-shaded concept for a Custom League of Legends Vastayan Champion. His abilities are probably going to be fixed an changed if I decide to do anything more and flesh him out but so far... here he is.

Haad is a reptilian Vastayan from the desert of Shurima, his kit basically makes him a high mobility tank viable as a support and possibly a jungler. He has little in the way of damage with low base physical and magical damage but a high movement and armor and mr base stats.

Health: 564 - 2004
Health Regen: 9.25 - 24.55
Mana: NA - Builds Energy like Rengar/tryndamere for use in making abilities stronger. 100 - 280
Mana Regen: SEE ABOVE Scales at lvl intervals 1-5 :10:, 6-12 :15:, 12-7 :20:, 18 :25: confusing i'll figure this out later each regen amount is per 5 seconds 
Range: 130
Attack Damage:60 - 109.5
Attack Speed:0.633 + (0 + 53.5%)
Armor:  24.5 - 69.5
Magic Resist: 24.5 - 69.5
Movement Speed: 346

First thing to do with Haad is buy the 0 gold item Binding Feather and use it on your designated partner, no worries however if you are jungling every two minutes the item can be purchased and applied to another champion while keeping the previous binds MAX LIMIT OF ITEM IS 3 allowing you by the ten minute mark the ability to use your ult to 3 of the allied champions on the map tactically these should be the mid laner/top laner/adc-carry

Haad would require you to take into account he has little in the way of offensive skills and that protecting your laning partner is the single most important thing you have to do. His W should be taken first to give him extra mobility and to shield his partner using the ability to save them and block skill shots or offensively to give the carry extra attack speed to finish off a retreating opponent. Using his W in unison with his Q can be detrimental to an opponent as if used on them the bleed lasts for a few seconds dealing damage on top of the increased attack speed from his W while in reverse the shield blocks inital damage and allows the health from the healed health to remain for a swift retreat. His E can be used attacking or defending as well, if his partner is being chased with low health while he is as well a quick shield into his E can save the carries life while giving him the movement speed to disengage from the fight as well, on the offensive side use his E to close distance on an unsuspecting opponent such as upon your return to lane from a recall surprising them with a q and exhaust and leaving them vulnerable.

Late and mid game Use Haads element of surprise to ambush enemies for a gank bleeding them and shielding low health allies. Seperated from a bound champion? No worries ult them and sprint full speed toward them slowing any enemies hit along the path and taunting enemies within a range and reducing incoming damage for the same duration of the taunt. This can turn a 2v1 gank into a 2v2 very quickly however if the champion dies while you are on route the ability will cancel leaving you where ever you are and resetting the cool down so pay attention and use the ult cautiously. Basically the idea with Haad is heal and shield allies giving them the opportunity to kill or run away while applying your bleed to enemies chipping away at their health while in team fights.

NOTE: These will be slightly different than the ones in the image above, those were concepts giving me clues as to how I'd like the champion to work. BOLD parts will be parts that are drastically changed.

Passive: Haad has access to a free item in the shop much like Black Spear but this one takes 10% of nearby bound champions incoming damage to you instead, while granting you lifesteal based on your current level. 5%-15%+(5%AD) Can proc on hit effects, crit, energized ect

Q: 1st Option: ON ALLY Expend 10% of your Health to heal for a portion (35,40,55,70,85%)of the health expended +5,6,7,8,9% of their missing HP. EXAMPLE 3000 max hp upon cast at a ally with 1500 missing HP at lvl 5 of ability costs 300 giving 255 + 135 equalling out to 390 healing (non including healing boosts.)
2nd Option: ON ENEMY Expend the same ammount of health and deal damage equal to half the ammount you would have healed bleeding the enemey for 10/11/13/16/20% of the damage you dealt over 6 seconds

W: Expends 50,60,70,80,90 Energy gained and dashs to and past an ally champion shielding them for 10,15,25,40,55 hp for each 10 points of energy expended. EXAMPLE cast at lvl 18 with lvl 5 ability shields 55 x 9 = 495HP.

E: Turns himself invisible costing 5,6,7,8,9, energy a second and increasing movement speed by 2,4,7,9,12% during invisibilty and giving the first auto attack from invisiblity 5,7,8,10,12% of AD as bonus damage. 543.2 at max level while boots of mobility passive is active. Damage if ad is 250 damage after bonus is 280.

R: While within 3500/4000/4500 of a bound ally Haad can charge to them slowing enemies passed through on the way and upon arriving smashes the ground dealing 125/150/425 + 70%AD to targets in 350 radius and taunting them for 1.5/2.25/3.0 seconds. DOES NOT REDUCE INCOMING DAMAGE ANYMORE

If there is any errors here please inform me so I can fix them.

BOLD:    Means might change
Italics: means unsure if this is correct lorewise due to lack of detail or an oversight on my part.

Born an orphan and tribeless Haad had to grow up tough. He loomed in some of the smaller cities in Shurima stealing from careless shop owners supplies he needed to survive. Known to the people of Shurima as Wretch of the Sands, as he arrives in a cloud of sand and dust leaving behind empty stalls and corpses. Due to the lack of magical leylines he has to siphon magic from living creatures often choosing to prey on animals he is not beneath the act of catching an unsuspecting merchant out in the desert and sucking him dry leading to his second name; Deaths Drain. few know these two names to be one and the same so while unwelcome in civilized society he can walk about ignoring the cautious eyes and threats.

He has little cares for the affairs of mortals and other lesser creatures as long as they stay out of his way. This was until he arrived in Bel'zhun and was taken prisoner by a pair of Noxian men, brothers, it seemed. When asked why they had arrested him they laughed and walked away. He spent days in holding cell calling out to the gods of Shurima or anyone that might help, on occasion being told to be quiet by a guard. When he wasn't calling out he was listening and heard many tales, only one gave him indication for why he was imprisoned. Apparently the current leader of Noxus was a Vastayan half breed and wanted to collect and experiment on Vastaya. Haad would rather die than let this happen so using his natural talents hid from sight until a guard came to check in and opened the door in surprise. "The Vastayan is gone!!" he shouted and charged into the room for a second check. This was Haads chance... he dropped down snapping the guards neck. More guards appeared in the doorway and with an aggrivated sigh he rushed them and one by one slaughtered them. He proceeded this way till the entire prison was dead except one man. 

"Pl... please don't hurt me!" the man begged.

"Where are the brother who captured me!" Haad demanded of the man.

"D... Darius and Draven? They returned to Noxus Prime to report your capture to Swain." the man was starting to cry from fear.

"Noxus Prime?" Haad stood up and tossed one of his bladed feathers into the neck of the man. "Looks like i've got some traveling to do..." 

He grabbed the sword of the man he had just killed and walked out of the prison and towards Noxus Prime. His passion and rage burning inside him and it wouldn't stop till those three men and anyone that supported them was dead.


Neutral: Any Vastaya, or Demacian

Enemy: All Noxian

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