Master Of The Werefox Assassins Guild by JasonWerefox

Master Of The Werefox Assassins Guild


29 April 2015 at 19:24:20 MDT

Artwork made by darc on FA.

I am the master of the Werefox Assassins Order and Guild and I've inherited the armor of Altair thanks to one of Desmond's Ancestors, Ezio Auditore da Firenze when I found it partially destroyed, but managed to fully repair the armor back to its original self. Even Ezio's old attire that he used to wore when he wore the armor was still in tact even after all these years, as well as his weapons. So putting on everything that Ezio has worn back in his days, my followers looked onto me and see the new look as it suited me very well. We werefoxes are one of the best assassins within the creed and are most recognizable of our fighting skills, stealth, and assassinations. So you have either to options f you are a templar, either you get killed by us to make sure you'll never bring harm to others or you can call off your crusade and the bloodshed can be avoided. What's it going to be?

Jason Werefox is me.

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