How I really feel about Valentines day... by Jasmine-Redkat

How I really feel about Valentines day...


30 April 2016 at 19:16:27 MDT

I know Valentine's was awhile ago but I felt the urge to make this.

wanted to make something on how I really feel about Valentine's day and how it affects me emotionally. And how it feels artificial and commercialised. Making it look like love is something you can buy at a store. Making those think they can buy someone's love at a store.

And what I hate about it is how it makes people like me who are single feel crap about myself and more miserable. Even for a Trans girl like me. It's pretty hard finding a relationship. Someone to fall in love with. Spending so many years of my life longing and dreaming of it. So many years wanting it deep inside. I feel really frustrated as well. 28 years old and still haven't got a job either. Still living at home and I hate it that Valentine's day that comes around rubs it in my face, making my feel even worse about my life.

I just thought I'd express how I really feel about it. And sorry if I sounded bit sad. Just thought I'd vent a bit. It's good to vent how we feel through our art.
Hugs tight I hope you're all doing well though.

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    For the most part even in a real relationship valentines is something to kinda laugh at for the most part it's so fake and pointless telling people express all your love in that one day or you clarely don't care for them you see everyone scrambling around spending redulious amounts of money trying to hold up what should of been one night stand relationships.