Sketch your character fullbody. Without background. Size A4 300dpi, the customer will get a high-res image after the commission is done. My e-mail eugi.zubkina[at] - Add multiple characters +$10 - Complicated detailes will have additional charges
from $ 35.00
to $ 55.00

Terms Of Service for Commissions
Lead time - around 1 month. Of course, I will try to do the job as quickly as possible.
Constant customers get a 10% discount! ^_^

  • These are base prices only
  • All prices are in USD
  • Animal (anthro or feral) characters only at this time; and humans too! I accept all types of animals, though, real and fictional!
  • Prices can increase based on complexity (including wings on non-birds, tons of spots/otherwise complex markings, long or complex hairstyles, complex clothing and accessories, complex environments)
  • I don't give discounts for pieces with more than one character-- each character costs as much as they would individually. This does not apply to larger pieces with environments, though-- see below for the cost of extra characters in larger pieces)
  • ONLY PAYPAL! Prepayment 100% on Paypal only

For auctions:

  • Payment must be made within 48 hours after the auction's end.
  • Don't back out or hide your bids. If you delete or hide your bid you will be banned!

​Feel free to ask me for a quote before committing to anything! :)

I will NOT draw any commission requests that involve: coprophilia, pedophilia, and other excessive fetishes. If there are questions as to whether your fetish is either similar, or may be included in the list of objectionable material, please send me a private message for proper clarification.
While I can draw any gender, including herms, NSFW, BDSM, soft porn, erotica, nudity, blood.

Rules for usage:
I may use your final commission for sell and presentation at art-shows, and in printed form. Also, I may use the commission for other digital projects (without any character changing). In any case, I will include on all commissions used in this manner the character’s full name, the creator of the character, and copyright information. (Example "name of character" (С) "name/nickname owner")
Also you'll got digital files by email:

  • FA version file for the PUBLIC internet use.
  • Hi-res file for PRIVATE using.

If you interested please pm's me. Don't forget about your form:
● Username and website it applies to: (for example, 4speneyes on tumblr, or Vekke on furaffinity)
● Your Paypal Address: (you will receive an invoice!)
● Your e-mail Address:
● Commission Type:
● Reference Images:
● Species:
● Anthro, Feral, Human? (anthro refs can be reinterpreted)
● Theme: example; "sunshower", "greece", "starlight", "secret", "desert", "grief", "serenity", etc (optional for teenies, heraldic commissions, and other transparent types, but for every other commission type, please do not leave this blank or use "artistic freedom"! Having a prompt helps me generate ideas and create the most interesting piece of art possible in a reasonable amount of time. A single word to describe a mood, or anything at all, as unrelated or vague as it may seem, is a huge help to me. Of course, the more vague the prompt, the more artistic freedom you give me, but always feel free to be more specific below if you have particular ideas in mind.)
● Inspiration Imagery: If you wish, you can use this in place of a theme, or in addition to it. These are images that have a certain feeling or visual quality that you'd like to inspire your commission.

If there are questions about this, please send me a private message.
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