Bor the Painted by IzzieBiz

Bor the Painted


5 June 2016 at 07:08:15 MDT

I started playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) again lately and this has been the main character I've been working on in game

This is Bor the Painted, an orc who was raised by Argonians. Her Argonian name is Paints-With-Mud because she used to paint herself with mud as a child. When she grew up and began to travel away from her home she took the name Bor and made herself known as a hunter and provisioner.
She's also a rogue because sometimes hunting and cooking for people just doesn't pay enough, that and she's got a wicked mean streak.
Dark Brotherhood assassin, werewolf, the works.

I tried something new with this piece, I like it but it took a lot longer to sketch out cause I was looking at aged faces and ESO in-game screenshots of my character. still, oooof

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    Very cool character! I feel like Elder Scrolls orcs are so underappreciated.

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      Thank you!
      Gosh, right? I mean I love all the ES races and only recently learned to like orcs but now that I do it's like a total game changer, I want to make all the orcs and steer away from the typical orc warrior trope they seem to be stuck in with player-characters