Katt Practice by Iron Eater

Katt Practice

Iron Eater

11 May 2015 at 16:09:43 MDT

Brush pen, Sharpie fine-tip, and Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio 5, 2015

Everyone's favorite woren who's about as bright as a box of rocks! Suitable for hunting, doing more damage than the giant pangolin-man in the party, and combining with Devil Shamans.

Done to practice drawing large (this was inked on a 9x12 sheet and had to be stitched together from two separate scans!) plus a new coloring method, which definitely looks a lot rounder than I often get. The downside is that it requires a bunch of layers and I'm not sure if that's very efficient. Still, practice makes perfect! Duping the line layer and Gaussian blurring it continues to have an interesting "softening" effect on the inks.

I meant to draw her holding her staff but the traditional half of my process was rather weird for this. Unusual size and all, right?