Top Commissioner Gift From Luthien Nightwolf by IridescenceStudios

Top Commissioner Gift From Luthien Nightwolf


3 January 2021 at 17:20:02 MST

A wonderful new years surprise from luthiennightwolf. I was busy writing when a friend messages me saying they are jealous of my gift art. I was like, 'what gift art?' and here it is, LOL.

A lovely rendition of Lauren done by Luthien who I am extremely grateful to for the effort. I had been commissioning her regularly and would have continued to do so had it not been for my job dropping me and my shift in life circumstances while I sort myself out, so thank you so much hon, and when I get the chance I will be back to it!

Luthien is one of my regular go to artists especially for anything of a fantasy slant. I love the uniqueness that traditional art can bring to a piece, and she does it like few others do in the fandom, and in that regard it can never be replaced by digital media.

Thanks hon.

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