Let Me Show You My World by IridescenceStudios

Let Me Show You My World


24 May 2019 at 17:03:40 MDT

Another absolutely stunning piece from Luthien, this one is set sometime after Rising Tide after Harumi has returned to her ocean home.

Though her ring she has temporarily granted Rhodes a merfolk form of his own and brought him down beneath the surface to see the world she calls home. Much more skilled in aquatic forms of movement not to mention controlling the muscles of her powerful tail she effortlessly darts around him while he explores the ocean depths.

Eager to show him the sights she takes him to the shipwreck where she takes the opportunity to plant a kiss on his muzzle before encouraging him to chase her into the wreck.

Note: Luthien unexpectedly upgraded the size of this piece to produce this lovely image which continues to inspire me with additional ideas for future images. I love the 'spiderman kiss' she has going on between them and the clear impression that the tables have been turned and now Rhodes is the one learning the ropes. I've been waiting all week to see the finished piece and I was not disappointed!

Art by luthien_nightwolf

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