Intervention - Journeys Opening Chapter by IridescenceStudios

Intervention - Journeys Opening Chapter


17 July 2018 at 21:05:20 MDT

A few short weeks after the comic (in progress), Diana, Ethan, Rhodes, and Lydia settle into a routine. The quartet stops at a local town to peddle their wares while the girls go to get supplies. However, all is not as it appears in this small town, and someone has been waiting for them.

Diana Lynwood (doberman pinscher)
Rhodes Lawson (gypsy vanner horse)
Ethan Hargrove (hawk)
Lydia (crocodile)

Daniel White (rhino)
Finn Allen (elephant)
Mei Xiang (panda)
Lisa Hamilton (clouded leopard)

Written by laurenrivers

Thumbnail by foxdie

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