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Life's A Beach by IridescenceStudios

Life's A Beach


19 March 2017 at 11:21:35 MDT

Lucy had gotten used to Kate's rather eccentric lifestyle. Ever since she had started to date the snake she insisted on taking Lucy on different excursions which she claimed would broaden her horizons. The wolf claimed her horizons were quite broad enough. After listing a few of her hobbies Kate insisted she let her guide her on a path of self discovery. A little anxious but trusting Kate, she agreed.

The first thing she suggested was a day at the beach. It seemed harmless enough, or so she thought. What could go wrong? She packed up her towel and her one piece bathing suit and came out of the bedroom of their shared apartment. Kate shook her head. "No no no, this won't do at all. That suit looks like it's from the fifties and you've got a hot body, you've got to show it off, girl! I'm lending you one of my two pieces."

"I don't know if I should."

"Do you trust me?" Kate asked.

"Well, yeah, but..." Lucy protested but Kate insisted. She handed her the tiny pieces of fabric and ordered her to go change. Once she had packed a lunch for them to enjoy she drove Lucy to the beach. Lucy was still thinking there had to be something else the rattlesnake was going to spring on her but she did not know what. She noticed Kate activated the automatic locks to the car as soon as she got in, though.

The gray wolfess tied her hair back and looked at her girlfriend.

Kate smirked. "You don't think I'm going to do something horrible to you, do you?"

"I never know with you," Lucy admitted.

"If you didn't meet me you'd be sitting at home watching tv. Admit it." Kate gave her leg a squeeze.

Lucy shrugged. "It's safer there."

"Yeah, but some things you just gotta experience first paw. Come on. I promise you'll have fun. We'll be home in time for dinner." Kate gave her a sweet smile and Lucy gave in.

Once they arrived at the beach, Kate brought her to a surf shop and smiled. "Today I'm going to teach you to surf."

Lucy held up her paws. "No way."

"You promised you'd trust me," Kate said. "I'll keep you safe, I promise. Just try for me?" she asked.

Lucy sighed and nodded. Kate's expression brightened as she went and picked out a wetsuit to wear. She held it up on the hanger and smiled. "You'd look hot in one of these."

The wolfess found a modest black and pink model and held it close to her chest. "I'll buy this one."

"I keep telling you that you're gorgeous, when will you start believing me?" she asked.

Lucy shook her head. "This is where I draw the line. If you want me to go surfing, I'm wearing this one."

Kate nodded. "Okay, sweetie, if it makes you feel better. I'll rent you a surfboard."

"Aren't you getting one?" she asked.

Kate shook her head. "I already own a surfboard. You pick one out and I'll show you how to ride it."

"This isn't some elaborate plan to get me wet and naked, is it?" she asked.

Kate smirked. "Everything is a plan to get you wet and naked. Now hurry up and get dressed." After Lucy paid for her purchase and surfboard rental she changed and carried her board out under her arm. As she scanned the beach for Kate she saw a figure moving out of the water. Kate shook her head back and forth letting it fling water into the air as the moisture dripped down her toned body along the tight garment highlighting her female form. She smiled at Lucy and pulled her arms up behind her head, making her breasts even more prominent. "Come on, you, it's time to get wet and wild."

Lucy swallowed as she found herself becoming warm all of the sudden at the view.

Characters are   laurenrivers
Art by   tenaflux

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