Rooftop Rendezvous by IridescenceStudios

Rooftop Rendezvous


7 March 2017 at 21:46:02 MST

Meeting on the top of her building had sort of been a tradition of theirs ever since she had first met the handsome brown werewolf. Of all the people Logan had encountered since the night of her transformation, Alex had been the most pleasant. Their first meeting she had found him wounded and bleeding on a rooftop not far from there. When she had tended to him and his own healing ability had restored him, she had done something impulsive and gone with her instincts that night. The next meeting was a little bit more like a traditional date, where he had led her home to her rooftop and treated her to a picnic. While Logan had never been the sort of girl to go in for all those romantic gestures, he seemed to know how to reach her not just through her human side but her wolf side as well.

She had fallen hard for him before she'd even known his name. A part of her felt guilty given she was not exactly a free agent but there was no one she knew who could advise her on what one did when one became a werewolf. She knew it was wrong on some level, but it felt so right. She met him on the rooftop several times more, coming to look forward to it. At times he would play games with her, making her track his scent and her doing the same. How had she ever gotten by without a werewolf's senses?

She waited for him where a table and cloth had been set up. Kameron had informed them they'd be stepping out later, so Logan awaited her date in a stunning red dress that showed off her black fur and luscious curves. It felt so strange to wear a dress and make her hair up all pretty for a male. She'd never done that before. Alex, however, made her want to. Alex was not an ordinary man. Nor a werewolf. He was part of the three percent of the werewolf population who was transgender. What that meant was he was female as a human, but male as a werewolf. A fact Logan could confirm personally. She wasn't sure how it worked, but the third helix in their DNA usually matched their natural gender. With a small percentage of weres, it didn't.

This suited Alex fine, as she had always felt male in her heart. Logan felt a breeze behind her carrying her beloved's scent. She turned to see him dressed in a fine suit with a flute of champagne in his paw.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," he said.

"Some things are worth waiting for," she replied, holding up another flute. "I'm impressed you were able to get over here so silently in that suit."

"It wasn't easy," he admitted. "However, one can't go to the theatre in jeans."

Logan nodded in agreement. "No, one can't. My heels are downstairs. They won't fit me like this."

"That's okay, you look lovely in that dress." The comment made Logan feel weak, and she leaned against the wall as he placed an arm against the wall. "Maybe later I can help you out of it."

Logan blushed. "Careful, you'd better keep your paws to yourself until after the show," she said, really wanting him to take her right now against the brick wall. She almost wished he would.

Alex instead kissed her. "I always remember I'm male in this form when I'm around you."

"Pants getting tight?" she asked.

"A little," he said.

"Well, you look so handsome like that." Logan touched his cheek.

"I feel handsome in this form. When I'm human, I don't feel like who I'm supposed to be. When I become a werewolf... When I become male, I feel like who I was meant to be. I feel like me, this way." He paused. "I know I can't go out in public like this, but I wish I could."

"Maybe one day," she said.


"So, I guess we should join the others before they start wondering about what happened to us, or worse, start forming their own ideas," he said. "Shall we?" he said, extending his arm.

With a girlish giggle she never would have admitted to making, she wrapped her arms around his and headed towards the stairwell.

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