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Hello there! You may call me Invader Ros (Rose), or Ros. :) Only personal friends know my real name, and you may also call me any nickname you chose or whatever you call me in real life if you know me. :) I hope that made sense lol.

I enjoy drawing, singing, dancing, writing, hanging out with the ones I love and a lot more. I love chocolate and pizza. I can't stand coconut or the smell of vanilla or cinommon. I also can't stand the taste of cinommon (the sweet cinommon), although I do like something's with cinommon in them. My favorite colors are purple, blue, red, black and gray. My favorite bands are Blood On The Dance Floor and Black Veil Brides, and my favorite singers are Simon Curtis and Adam Lambert. My favorite cartoons are Invader Zim, Adventure Time, American Dad, Family Guy, and Phinease and Ferb. My favorite animes are Junjou Romantica and Kuroshitsuji. My favorite shows in other catagories are Big Bang Theory, and Bones. My favorite YouTubers are Toby Turner, Damon Fizzy and Shane Dawson. I support equal rights for ALL living creatures, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, race, social status etc. this includes spieces. I am a scene queen. Lol

I plan to get my degree in animation and become an animator. I also plan to eventually move to California.

I am hyper, random at times, crazy (not literally lol) and proud to say I am weird! I love who I am, and I will never change that! I am me! :D <3~~~~~~~

There's a lot more about me, these are just a few things. :) If you'd like to knowe better, talk to me! I don't bite! ;D

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