Hero of Courage by Inkshadow

Hero of Courage


27 September 2014 at 12:12:48 MDT

Hahahaha what do you mean this sketch is from June I don't know what you're talking about-|D

Finally finished this picture of Link from the Hyrule Warriors universe! It's come so far from where it started, haha. :b
Originally I drew this way back when E3 first showed off tons of Hyrule Warriors stuff, so I might change up how I draw his face mostly his nose- in the future ( there are tons more HD references out there now than there were back then so I mean- ) |D;

Took my time with it but it was definitely worth every minute! His armor intimidated me so bad so I may have put this off forever, but I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end!
( seriously, the adornment on his shoulder plate? Ohgod whyy- ) /brick'd/

I may or may not have a huge aesthetics crush on him ( rivaled only my my additional aesthetics crush on HW Zelda hahaaa ) because goddammit son you are so colour-coordinated. >:I
I like to headcanon that HW Link takes pride in looking good which is why there is never a hair on his head out of place EVEN WHEN ON THE BATTLEFIELD, WHAT-

In other news I'm indescribably proud of the clothing folds hhh.
They're something I've always had trouble with but I think I've done a really good job of them here, on his tunic especially! ;o; So much proud. |D;

Also the flower he's holding is my interpretation of the recovery heart flowers that you find in Skyward Sword! Doesn't really make much sense here but I couldn't think of what else to change it to, shhh. uwu

I also tried adding a mini background at one point but it ended up taking away more than it added so. No background for you haha. =w=

This is potentially the best piece of human art I've done so like. Hurrah! Good to know that I've improved since a year ago when I first started. ;3;

Hope you like!

Green Cloth texture © tegox-stock (dA)
Noisy red silk texture © janes-wardrobe (dA)
Coudy Brown Leather texture © texturex-com (dA)

Link © Nintendo
Hyrule Warriors design © Nintendo & Temco Koei ( I think.. )
Artwork © Inkshadow

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  • Link

    claps from the distance i really love hyrule worriors such a awesome and fun game. :D

    • Link

      My apologies for the late comment!
      But aaa yes, I couldn't agree more! There's so much content, my sister and I never get bored with it haha. ;w;