Sky Conductor by Inkshadow

Sky Conductor


17 July 2014 at 16:59:13 MDT

Sky Link wearing Spirit Track Link's outfit. o:
Why? I have no idea, but it's cute and really that's all that matters. |D
Then again, Sky Link makes everything cute so I mean- /brick'd/

( If at any point in time, I fail to name Link as my favourite character, assume that something is wrong and that I need immediate medical attention. ) |D

I've been listening to the overworld theme from Spirit Tracks and it got me thinking trains and how Sky Link would probably be very happily interested in the unusual hat. Because he's a dork like that. =w=

Also there's really no reason why I drew Sky Link as opposed to Twilight or Time Link other than that I headcanon Sky Link as the dorkiest of them all and also he has cute puffy hair haha it suits the hat very well- :b

I took some liberties with his uniform because it looked so awkwardly plain in the Toon Link style- but really, I just made the jacket less.. sack-like. |D

Also obligatory disclaimer that I've never played or seen Spirit Tracks, so if anything's funky I'm sorry about that! D: I just think the conductor uniform is super cute. ;w;

I stayed up to draw this. It was totally worth it. uwu
Hope you like! ♥

Link © Nintendo
Artwork © Inkshadow

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