A Childhood Friend by Inkshadow

A Childhood Friend


30 July 2014 at 00:26:13 MDT

A little paper cut-out thing of the most beloved stuffed animal my sister and I have ever owned. uwu
He's a Ty Beanie Buddy named Zip! And surprisingly, still in pretty okay condition considering he must be thirteen years old by now. :b

Over the weekend, I found a really old piece of art of him that I did back in 2003, and suddenly I wanted to remake it ( except unfathomably better haha ). |D

Besides the ribbon, everything is just construction or computer paper, pencil crayons, and glue!
The ribbon itself was something I had from the dollar store, though I used a gold gel pen to add the gold stitching along the edges. c:

Hope you like! ♥

Art © Inkshadow

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    Oh, cute - that worked really well!

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      Ah, thank you! I'm glad you think so! ;u;

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    Ink omg i loved beanie babies/buddies just for realll <33
    i had one named Ty-Dye, he was a dragon beanie buddy <3
    Zip is just so cute though cx

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      Oooh, that's awesome! :D They're such great quality stuffies, honestly. ;u;
      I don't think I've ever seen that one, actually! Which is funny because I was so familiar with them as a kid. xD

      Thanks so much! ;u;

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        ahh i loved them omg. I remember my mom collected them in big tubs and i would always play with them when she was at work even though i wasn't supposed to lol. really good quality <33

        You're welcome cx

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          It's hard not to when they come in so much variety. xD;
          I'm always surprised by how much we played with ours, yet the seams and things are still perfectly fine. ovo;

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            no kidding xD
            ours too! and if they did rip or something, my grandma taught me to sew at a young age so i could always fix them cx

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              Haha same! Although I learned later than you probably, at school. :b

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                That's cool c: